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Lecturer Visual Communication, creator and co-founder of Sellotape Cinema. Teaching Film and Animation at undergraduate level and developing moving image and motion design within the MA Visual Communication R&D Lab. Has worked in partnership with Flatpack Film Festival to host Flatpack at BCU Parkside, and embed student engagement with Flatpack within the curriculum. Sellotape Cinema’s latest film FilmBites was select for competition at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015.

SC’s TOHO showed internationally at the touring Festival of (In)appropriation, including screening across America, Canada and Japan. TOHO utilises found audio recordings, and obsolete audio visual equipment, emphasising the mysteries that inhere in found objects and sound. SC’s was artists in residence for Flatpack Film Festival 2015, and part of the team responsible for taking Flatpack to Hong Kong a month later.

As part of Supersonic Festival artist residents programme, partnered with MOOG SoundLab, SC explored analog sound and light-scaping, synthesis and effects in an organic collaboration with sound artists Tom Tebby andJustin Wiggan, and a restored MOOG.

L219 (2012) was an installation of light, sound and movement encompassing 9 artists experimenting with the adjacent-spillover of their materially-oriented making processes.  The collaboration included Lighting Designer Cath Cullinane, Composer James Buchanan, Photographer Christian Kipp and Dance Artists Natalie Garrett & Amy Voris, and Sellotape Cinema. In ‘flock O mania’ (2015) a solo exhibition and performances created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson, the L219 collaborators were bought together again, this time incorporating Zoe Robertson’s wearable sculptures. Flock 0 mania will tour to The Parkside Gallery and Shell at Birmingham City University though March 2016 where SC expects to provide mobile and elaborate reworking of obsolete and homemade projectors and film.

SC has collaborated with Roger Clarke’s Record Player Orchestra providing constructed and adapted objects, physical interfaces and visual systems to allow audience members and participants to score and ‘conduct’ volunteer players. The intervention included live ‘sellotape’ and digital projections and scrolling OHP ‘drawn scores’.

SC exhibited a sculptural piece of appropriated AV and scientific equipment at a satellite exhibition We Could Not Agree during London Frieze week 2014.

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