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The latest film from Sellotape Cinema. Recently screened at Flatpack Film Festival. Part experiment, part documentary, and part essay, FilmBites ruminates on how film converses with philosophy. Featuring interviews taken from the Philosophy Bites podcasts. Premiered at Flatpack Film Festival and screened at Aesthetica Short Film Festival  2015.


TOHO emphasizes the mysteries that inhere in found objects, especially audio recordings, about whose original context we know little and cannot find out more. The film derives its title from the make of the cassette play in which the audio cassette was found,  purchased at a flea market by the filmmakers of Sellotape Cinema. On the cassette was an audio letter from a family in Australia to their aunties in England. From clues in the audio, it appears the recording was made in late November 1977, but nothing else is known about the family. The audio recording has been left unaltered but images have been added which approximate certain elements of the recording, producing an oneiric illustration of a personal missive accidentally received by an unintended reader. Sellotape Cinema creates its handmade images on sticky tape a.k.a. sellotape. The film was part of The Festival of [in]Appropriation 2014-15, screening in venues across the US, Uk and Japan.

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