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Jonathan Day works as a photographer, writer and musician and is Professor of Transmedia Arts at Birmingham City University, England, Director of BirTH, the Birmingham Transmedia Research Hub and Visiting Professor at IVE, Hong Kong, Silpakorn and Chulalongkorn Universities, Bangkok, Thailand and the Academy of Design Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Black Country bred, the photographer / musician / transmedia arts academic Jonathan Day is the product of three-hundred years of English Midlands’s industrialism. His father was a welder making parts for ships and factories; his mother was a young girl of 18 when he was born. His grandfather was a sailor who died near Trinidad in World War II. His great grandmother was the daughter of a displaced coal miner. Her second husband, his great grandfather, had been a horse trainer in a circus. She married him after he fed sandwiches to her starving children. She became a drunkard, ate grass from the garden, converted to Adventism after seeing the devil and gave away all her money. These experiences set the context for Jonathan’s work – they inform his interest in the landscape and the interaction people have with it and with each other.

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