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Academic Papers & PhD Study

BirTh is a vibrant research community where internationally exhibiting, performing and publishing artists and academics come together with new, exciting emerging talents. It is a fertile place to study and we have a raft of PhD candidates engaged in many aspects of Transmedia debate and practice. These in clude:

Steve Chamberlain – co-founder of Sellotape Cinema and a leading UK exponent of Essay Film

Jo Berry ­– a visual artist working with the Natural History Museum, the Welcome Trust and the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham, visualising cutting edge scientific research, allowing haptic and conceptual feedback to enrich the work

Jeff Leak – practice led PhD exploring typographic projection as political action

Jonathan Narachinron – late capitalist consumerism and Thai traditional culture - hybridity and simulacra in an asian context

Published Academic Articles

J. Day "The Stain of Time: finding Robert Frank’s The Americans in Mischka Henner’s Less Américaines and Jonathan Day’s Postcards from the Road", Photomedia, Helsinki, 2014.

J. Day, 2014 “The Photographic Book as Power Play: a consideration of the influence of the democratisation of technology on the perceived and preferred locations of photography, proposing a new bifurcation that parallels and replaces the gallery/archive duality”, 3rd International Conference of Photography and Theory, Nicosia, Cyprus.

N. Tromans, 2014, ‘Routes in to Photography – What are the Benefits of a Photography Education’ National Photography Symposium, Birmingham.

J. Day, 2014, “Social Media as a co-productive, generative and critically recursive approach to the study of aspects of contemporary culture”, Royal Geographical Society, London.

N. Tromans, 2012, ‘Embedding Employability in the Photography Curriculum: building profile and confidence’.  Association for Photography in Higher Education, Derby,  July 2012

J. Day, 2012, “The Eviscerated Museum: bricolage, iterative hierarchy, The Family of Man exhibition and the Standard Oil Picture File in Robert Frank’s The Americans”, 2nd International Conference of Photography and Theory, Photography and Museums: Displayed and Displaying, Thalassa Municipal Museum, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

N. Tromans (contributor and consultant) 2011, Perspectives: Photographs of Colmore Business District, Birmingham, BCU, Birmingham

Forthcoming Academic Articles

J. Day, 2016, “Phyllogenesis: adventures in art and sound”, Art and Sound, DeMontford University, England

J. Day, 2016, “Music, Kant and Zen” Culture and Dialogue, Brill, Boston and Leiden

J. Day, 2016, “We’ve All Come to Look for America – a Pilgrimage” Take on Art, Dehli, India

J. Day, 2016, “In the Ashes of the Darkroom: social media and the book.  A consideration of the influence of the democratisation of technology on the perceived role and preferred locations of photography.” Helsinki Photomedia, Aalto and Tempere Universities, Finland

J. Day (ed) 2016, Lyric, Wenlock Poetry Festival and BCU, England

N. Tromans, 2016, “Journeyman Miller”, Lyric, Wenlock Poetry Festival and BCU, England

P. Thomson, 2016, “Bullet in the Baby”, Lyric, Wenlock Poetry Festival and BCU, England

J. Berry, 2016 , “Art from Scientific Images, Varoomlab Journal, London

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BirTH is part of The School of Visual Communication at Birmingham City University