Birmingham Transmedia Hub



‘Transmedia’ is an emerging and contested taxonomy, with tension between an understanding around writing/design/sound/programming (with a focus on the games industry) and a wider notion of works that operate across and between traditionally distinct disciplines, but always involving an element outside of ‘art’ (therefore distinct from ‘interdisciplinary art’).

Transmedia is not novel, having a rich history, but developments in facilitating technology and, significantly, in the underpinning philosophical framework of contemporary civilisation (disruptions in notions of cogency, time, and challenges to Aristotelian social functionalism) have encouraged an explosion of interest and practice. A number of members are working individually and variously in areas that may be described as transmedia with an emphasis on the nexus between writing, image and sound.  Initial projects (see more below) include explorations around the Post Industrial Landscape, Wayfinding, Genius Loci, and the Essay Film.

The Hub’s manifesto is negotiated by its members and is engaged with all current transmedia definitions, echoing the rapidly and excitingly changing creative landscape. The Hub is reflexive and fitted to rapid response, monitoring the development of the dialogue and the Hub’s position in relation to it. Transmedia is trending internationally at the moment and BirTH is in close dialogue with institutions in Hong Kong, China and Bangkok, underpinning its commitment to the facilitation and encouragement of creative and critical endeavour across traditional discourse and creative boundaries.


BirTH is part of The School of Visual Communication at Birmingham City University